Brand Einstein

Ep 7: Michael Vanderbyl | Brand genius of multidisciplinary design

June 1, 2018

Michael Vanderbyl is one of the most widely recognized multidisciplinary designers of the past 40 years. Everything he designs is brilliant; from brand identities to retail environments, to product design. His clients have included Esprit, Baker Furniture, The Walt Disney Company, IBM, AmericaOne, Robert Talbott, Teknion, The Blackstone Group, Luna Textiles, and more.

Michael has been awarded the AIGA medal and is a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Interior Design Association (IIDA), and in 2012, was inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

Many designers believe that the brand should touch and influence everything in the customer experience. Michael is one who has actually achieved this for his clients, even to the extent of product design. Michael has been a major influence in my own career as a designer, and to say the least, this interview was an honor for me.

For more about Michael Vanderbyl go to and watch the two videos on his website homepage which highlights his views on branding and design, along with showcasing some of his work.